Standards and Legal


The USPS does provide insurance for some international shipments, but not to all countries.  Available insurance varies by country and in some cases coverage is limited or not available.  Review Quality Notes (RQN) will purchase USPS Insurance on return shipments based upon the Submitter's selection on the Submission Screen, or the maximum amount provided by the USPS.  Insurance within the US is limited to $25,000.00, unless the Submitter makes prior arrangements with RQN.  RQN assumes no liability in the event of loss or damage of shipments and no insurance of any kind is provided for an amount greater than the maximum amount provided by the USPS.  Please contact the USPS with specific questions regarding the availability of insurance on shipments.





1.  RQN (Review Quality Notes) will endeavor to provide the services requested in good faith in the time frames specified.  RQN cannot be held accountable for shipping services provided by USPS or any other shipper.  Shipping disputes are to be taken directly to the shipper.


2.  The Submitter (Customer) shall complete all the information required on the Submission Screens, and shall package all items securely and ship items in accordance with instructions on the Submission Screens.  Submitter represents and warrants to RQN that the insured value set forth on the Submission Screens represents a good faith belief as to the market value of the item(s). 


3.  RQN has the right in its sole discretion to reject any items submitted for service.  Because RQN must still receive, track, and examine each rejected item, fees for services shall not be refunded for any rejected items. 


4.  RQN will use reasonable care with respect to items submitted to it for services.  In the event RQN determines that an item was lost or damaged in RQN's possession, RQN will compensate the Submitter based upon RQN's good faith determination of the fair market value of the item, in respect of current market information.  The amount of compensation will not necessarily be based upon, but in no event will exceed the Submitter's stated insured value of the item, stated in the Submission Screen.


5.  The Submitter agrees to pay RQN for all services and shipping fees at the time of submission.  Submitter agrees that RQN may charge all fees to the credit or debit card upon receipt of the Submission Screen.  Submitter stipulates they are the sole owner of submitted items and grants RQN a security interest in all items submitted to secure payment of any fees.


5a.  If Submitter is using their FedEx account number for return shipping from RQN, Submitter must be covered by their own insurance for the total amount of the submission. When RQN returns a submission using Submitters FedEx number, RQN will use the ship to and ship from addresses of the Submitter. With the exception of FedEx and pickup, all RQN returned submissions are mailed using USPS registered mail.


6.  The Submitter must inspect all items immediately upon receipt from RQN.  RQN will have no liability for any damage or errors unless reported to RQN, by e-mail, within 5 days from Submitter's receipt of the item(s).


7.  Submitter agrees to return to RQN any item bearing a clerical type error for which service has been provided.  RQN will correct the clerical error and return the corrected item to the Submitter.  Submitter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold RQN, any of its affiliates, and all of its and their respective employees, officers, directors, and agents, harmless from and against all claims, liabilities and expenses relating to or arising directly or indirectly from Submitters failure to comply with any part of RQN's Terms and Conditions. 



8.  Except for any express warranties set forth in these Terms and Conditions, RQN disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, regarding RQN and or the services, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.  The maximum aggregate liability that RQN shall have to the Submitter arising from any cause, act, omission, or other circumstance, shall in no event exceed the service fees or fees paid by the Submitter for the services ordered pursuant to this Submission Screen.  In no event shall RQN or any of its affiliates, or any of or their respective employees, officers, directors, or agents be liable to Submitter, or any other party, for any indirect, incidental special, consequential or exemplary damages even if advised of the possibility of such damages and in no event shall the aggregate liability of RQN, its affiliates, and any of or their respective employees, officers, directors, or agents exceed the fees paid or payable to RQN for the services.


9.   The Submitter agrees that RQN has a security interest in items submitted for services including, but not limited to, shipping fees, and if such fees are not received in good standing, after 90 days, RQN may at its discretion dispose of such items in a open market, to recover fees due including related expenses.  Any amounts recovered in excess of fees due and related expenses shall be returned to the Submitter. 


10.  RQN compiles data regarding, and may make digital images of, items submitted for services.  In consideration for the performance of services by RQN for services pursuant to this Submission Screen, Submitter hereby authorizes RQN to compile such data, including images, and agrees that RQN shall have an irrevocable non-exclusive, perpetual, unlimited, royalty free and license to use and commercialize such data and images for any purpose.


11.  The laws of the State of Florida without regard to its choice of law principles shall apply to transactions and or disputes between RQN and any Submitter.  Each Submitter agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any dispute of the state and or federal courts located in or serving Pinellas County, Florida, and shall not challenge such jurisdiction or venue, and accept service by certified or registered mail.  


12.  These Terms and Conditions, constitute the entire agreement of RQN and the Submitter regarding, and supersede all prior agreements and understanding, written or oral, between or among all parties relating to the subject matter hereof.





The Submitter whose name is on the Submission Form authorizes RQN to charge the account for the total amount due on the Submission Form.  The Submitter agrees to pay the full amount of the requested service and shipping fees to be charged to the card number provided, regardless of the services provided.  In the event the charges to the credit or debit card are declined the submitter authorizes RQN to hold the submitted material until all charges, including any additional fess are satisfied in accordance with item # 9, Terms and Conditions. The Submitter agrees that in the event of any dispute in regard to the services rendered, they will notify RQN by e-mail with 14 days of receipt of returned items.  The Submitter agrees that RQN reserves the right to post additional chares to any card account if extra services are required to fulfill the services requested.  The Submitter agrees that they are the unrestricted owner of any items submitted to RQN. 


The information found on the Buy/Sell web page is generally from independent dealers. Review Quality Notes, Inc. (RQN) has no affiliate or financial relationship other than some dealers may be customers of RQN services.(*) RQN receives no financial benefits from any business transaction that may take place from this information. RQN makes no warrantees nor assumes any liability regarding dealer postings including errors on the Buy/Sell portion of the web site. If the contact email information is directed to, we forward all contact requests to the proper dealer.

*There may be occasions when an RQN employee will post a Buy/Sell transaction.