1. How is RQN different from independent grading services?

Independent grading services use technical grading as a major consideration when assigning a grade. But technical grading is not a major factor in a note's visual appearance.

For example, independent grading services count the number of folds when grading circulated notes. For uncirculated notes, they give the margins major consideration. RQN goes beyond technical, quantitative elements and evaluates a note's overall attractiveness, which is usually called "eye appeal." See FAQ #2 for more details.

2.    What qualities or elements does RQN consider when analyzing or reviewing a note?

RQN considers 8 qualities when analyzing a note.


RQN looks for ~



Should be free of any distractions – any foxing or toning.



Must be vivid and eye catching.



Should be strong, leaving signs of printing impressions.


Face margins

Should be symmetrical and ample for the series.


Back margins

The margins should be symmetrical and ample for the series.


Face centering

The centering should be even or proportional within the margins.


Back centering

The centering should be even or proportional within the margins.



The alignment between the face and back should be complimentary.

3. Will notes be insured while in RQN's possession?

Yes! While in the possession of RQN, notes are insured based on the declared dollar value the customer assigns when the notes are entered into the system.

4. Can a customer ask RQN to use FedEx to return their submission?

If Submitter is using their FedEx account number for return shipping from RQN, Submitter must be covered by their own insurance for the total amount of the submission. When RQN returns a submission using Submitters FedEx number, RQN will use the ship to and ship from addresses of the Submitter. With the exception of FedEx and pickup, all RQN returned submissions are mailed using USPS registered mail.

5. Where will the RQN sticker be placed on the holder?

If a note qualifies for a RQN sticker, it will be placed on the label part of the holder.

6. Is the RQN sticker secure?

The RQN sticker is a high quality tamper-proof hologram. If removed, it will void itself.

7. Can I check to verify whether a note has received a RQN sticker?

Yes. It's easy for anyone, at any time, to go to our Web site to verify whether a note has earned a RQN sticker. Click "Stickered Note Search."